ERA doesn’t equal good/bad pitching

Living a few hours from Safeco field, I hear about Felix Hernandez a lot.  For many years he was the only bright-spot for Mariners fans – until the past few seasons.  Felix is a great pitcher, no doubt, but how great? If we answer with ERA, we have to consider that there are at least 5 things that affect a pitcher’s ERA (earned run average): the pitch that leaves his hand luck the defense behind the pitcher the ball-park & sequencing. The pitch that leaves his hand is the ONLY thing the pitcher controls. Felix has no control: of whether the batter reaches on a bad pitch and sprays it to the opposite field – luck. on whether his left-fielder made a good jump on contact (or whether he has the actual speed to get there before the ball lands) – … Continue reading »

Geno v. Cal? Geno’s offensive philosophy wins

There’s a critical difference between the two dominant NCAA basketball teams: Kentucky ( in the men’s tournament) and Connecticut (in the women’s). UConn doesn’t slow down offensively.  As evidenced by last night’s unrelenting pressure against Maryland, the Huskies play great defense (like UK) but they never ‘hold the ball’ on the offensive end.  As Nate Silver shows at 538, Kentucky did slow things down and it killed them (literally). Here’s a picture of it: