“God created war so Americans would learn geography”

I heard this quote on the Tim Ferris show with Rolf Potts, author of Vagabonding. During the show, Potts mentions this quote (attributed to Mark Twain): God created war so Americans would learn geography. Being a human geography teacher, I know this to be true. Many of my students don’t remember 9/11, they were toddlers or smaller. They don’t remember our 2nd go-round in Iraq, much less the first in 1990-91. So when Obama gives a speech about ISIL, they wonder several things: What is he talking about? Where in the world are the places he’s talking about? Vox (in their 14 maps that explain ISIS) has done a great job of showing this critical geography to us. ┬áHere’s one of the maps that shows ISIS control. In our Theory of Knowledge class this past week, we assigned groups of … Continue reading »