Geno v. Cal? Geno’s offensive philosophy wins

There’s a critical difference between the two dominant NCAA basketball teams:

  • Kentucky ( in the men’s tournament) and
  • Connecticut (in the women’s).

UConn doesn’t slow down offensively.  As evidenced by last night’s unrelenting pressure against Maryland, the Huskies play great defense (like UK) but they never ‘hold the ball’ on the offensive end.  As Nate Silver shows at 538, Kentucky did slow things down and it killed them (literally). Here’s a picture of it: cal's slowdown

This doesn’t take away from Wisconsin’s terrific defense and even more efficient offense.  But it does show the difference between Geno Auriemma’s “put the offensive pedal down” and Calipari’s “take the air out of the ball” philosophies.  As a friend says,

All prevent-offense does is prevents you from winning.

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